You can buy our products with all the tranquility and security. Our products are manufactured through the most advanced quality standards existing in the global industry. BRACCI guarantees beyond the best and most advanced products, quality and unique design.

Before arriving at you, our products undergo several tests, being evaluated in every detail by our technical team. Quality assurance and tranquility of being the best option.



This warranty is valid for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of of the purchase by the consumer and a maximum of 6 years from the date of manufacture. In case repair or replacement parts, the warranty period will not be extended, keeping its count from the date of original purchase.

For electronic products, the warranty is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase by the consumer and a maximum of 2 years from the manufacturing.

BRACCI warrants to consumers that their products are free from defects in material, manufacturing and assembly. In order to be considered defective, the defect cause of damage shall be exclusively of manufacture. Claims for damages or liability for the product shall only apply accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Code.

The guarantee will not be applied in the following situations:

- Non-presentation of the purchase invoice of the product;

- Damage to the product due to accidental dropping, handling improper installation, maltreatment, incorrect installation and specification errors;

- Damage to finishes due to improper cleaning (chemicals, solvents, saponaceous type abrasives, steel wool, double-faced sponge);

- Parts that exhibit natural wear through regular use, such as: seals, gaskets, sealing rings, linings, wedges, sealing mechanisms and ceramic cartridges.

- Use of parallel or improper parts, or adaptation of parts without prior authorization from BRACCI.

- Products that have been repaired by unauthorized persons BRACCI.

- Products installed in places of PUBLIC USE, will have their guarantee reduced for 1 year.

- Defects of products that were caused by the seller, plumber or the 3rd;

- Loss of components (parts) of taps, mixers and accessories not will be replaced.

The warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the defective product (case if applicable), without the inclusion of installation costs and exemption of any responsibility for possible damage caused by the defective part.

This guarantee is granted for products purchased and installed in national.

The consumer must have the defective product repaired within a maximum period of 30 days. In this case, BRACCI will cover costs with the supply of replacement.

In the event of replacement, the defective Product must be replaced without costs for a new one, of the same type, of the same quality and of the same species. If the The product in question is no longer manufactured at the time of the defect BRACCI shall deliver a similar product.


BRACCI has technical assistance in major cities in Brazil. In a maintenance of your product, contact e-mail **sac@bracci.com.br** or 054 3288-1235 to locate the professional closer to you.

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