BRACCI is concerned with the rational use of water resources. Consumption aware of water has become an indispensable subject and its use of is the responsibility of all. Conscious consumption means voluntary changes of attitude that aim to conserve our planet and minimize the impact of consumption.

With world population growth and modern consumer habits, water has become increasingly expensive and scarce. It is therefore important to bear in mind that using it rationally saves a precious commodity from nature.

It is therefore up to each citizen to reflect to what extent the water is properly used, ensuring the longest water available in nature, regardless of the amount of rainfall, number of inhabitants or the expectation of alternatives technological developments.

Often the waste of water comes from our lack of attention and caution. According to research conducted by the United Nations 100 liters of water per day are enough to meet the needs of consumption and hygiene needs of a person. In Brazil, however, consumption per capita is double, reaching 200 liters.

With simple changes in our day-to-day life, anyone can care for the planet and preserve the environment, such as:

- Turn off the tap when not in use (when brushing, for example);

- Be careful not to leave dripping faucets;

- Do not wash vehicles and sidewalks with hoses. Prefer use of bucket or broom;

- Close the shower register when soaping;

- Take short baths. Reducing 1 minute of bath saves at least 6 liters of water;

- Check for leaks in your home, school or workplace. a leakage with 1 milliliter of dripping water will be responsible for 2068 liters of water in 1 day;

- To wash the dishes, use plain water only to rinse.

It is necessary to rationalize consumption, together with the establishment of reuse strategies, both in agricultural practices and in in everyday residential, commercial and industrial activities. Consumption means using natural resources to meet without compromising the needs of future generations.

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